Rising sea levels and the expected increase in precipitation require a greater commitment to keeping water at bay. The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority does its best to keep Flevoland safe so that residents can expect dry feet in the future too.

The dikes must be both strong and high enough to keep the water under control. Not just high enough for the highest water levels, but so high that even waves generated by the heaviest storms will not top them.

Furthermore, structures not belonging to the dike itself, such as roads, cables, mains and buildings must not be allowed to weaken the dikes. The quest for strong dikes is a never-ending one. The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority carries out effective maintenance, not only outside the dikes, but also within the area’s dikes and quays. The regional water authority maintains the grass on the dikes together with tenant farmers by allowing sheep to graze or by mowing. Muskrats are exterminated to prevent damage to dikes and watercourses.

Finally, the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority stipulates what is and is not permitted on the dikes. It assesses permit requests and issues fines for violations. All in the interest of polder safety.