Water and nature belong together

The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority concentrates on safety and on ensuring well-treated and sufficient water. At the same time, these activities must contribute to support natural habitats.

The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority makes the banks along canals and ditches as natural (eco-friendly) as possible by removing the wooden piling. This helps to make the transition between water and land less dramatic.

And this in turn provides plant and animal species that prefer to live between water and land a chance to flourish. These eco-friendly banks are also important for water retention. Furthermore, the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority helps to create wetland habitats that also contribute to biodiversity.

The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority aims to manage the dikes naturally where possible, in the hope that this will encourage rich undergrowth. This is coordinated with mowing and haymaking activities.

The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority also ensures that residents unconnected to the sewerage system (because they live too far from the main sewers) receive their own so-called individual waste water treatment systems if their houses lie in an ecologically vulnerable area. Thanks to this equipment, these residents no longer discharge their waste water directly into the drainage ditch. The individual installations remove ninety percent of pollutants from the waste water before discharging it into the surface water.